FA. Sales and Accounts Receivable

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“Sales and Accounts Receivable” module supports in controlling sales cycle from making orders to issuing and cash collection, help full order receiving, in-time delivery and timely collection.

Varied sales reports and analysis, support sales analyzing – best-selling item group, high-profit item, loyal customers, in-time payment… to make better sales plan, increase revenue and profit.

Function menu


Customer List

  • Customer code length up to 16 characters.
  • Three fields to group and classify customers for statistics and analysis.
  • Check the validity of tax code.

Data entry

  • Vouchers:
    • Contract, sales order
    • Sales invoice cum issue voucher
    • Service invoice
    • Export invoice cum issue voucher
    • Service invoice (in non-tariff area)
    • Sales return
    • Service sales return
    • Discount invoice
    • Debit/Credit memo
    • Miscellaneous receivable vouchers.
  • Allow to control sales invoice detailed by salesperson, sales department, payment time.
  • Allow to keep track of many contracts/projects in one invoice.
  • Allow to issue from many sites/warehouses at the same time; auto check current inventory and current balance of customers.
  • Allow to view goods receipt for price lookup when issuing goods by specific cost by batch and check sales invoice during sales return entry.
  • Auto-calculate tax and post to sales invoice sheet. Allow to edit tax amount (to round off) and control tax by job/contract and detailed by tax department.
  • Allow to create entries for receivable adjusting, offsetting among customers or with suppliers.
  • Many supporting functions: Allocation of cash received to invoices, adjustment of received amount and revaluation of exchange rate of invoices.
  • Allow to print invoice in the official form or defined form of the software.

“Sales invoice cum issue voucher” screen



  • Import lists and opening balance from excel
  • Import vouchers from excel
  • Export data to excel.

Sales reports

  • Sales invoice list
  • Sales, service invoice list
  • Sales return list
  • Sales invoice list of an item
  • Sales invoice list of an item by customer
  • Sales invoice list of an item by transaction type
  • Sales invoice list of a customer by item
  • Sales detail book
  • Sales summary report
  • Sales return summary
  • Sales report by customer, department, type
  • Sales summary by price
  • Sales summary by two criteria
  • Cumulative sales report
  • Sales report – Multi-period
  • Sales report – Comparison between two periods

Sales reports (by account)

  • Sales invoice list
  • Sales, service invoice list
  • Sales invoice list by customer
  • Sales invoice list by project, work
  • Sales invoice list by salesperson/ sales department
  • Sales summary
  • Sales summary by day

AR reports by customer

  • Transaction list
  • Transaction list by customer
  • AR summary by customer
  • Customer balance inquiry
  • Customer activity
  • AR-AP comparison book
  • AR-AP comparison book (All customers)
  • Customer T-form summary
  • Customer trial balance of an account
  • Customer trial balance of multi-account
  • Customer opening balance
  • Customer closing balance
  • Cumulative arising report
  • Cumulative arising comparison between 2 periods
  • Arising summary report – Multi-period
  • Subsidiary ledger.

AR reports by invoice

  • Sales invoice list
  • Due invoice report
  • Receivable report by invoice
  • Detail Receivable Report by Invoice
  • Detail Receivable Report by Invoice - Exchange rate difference
  • Accounts receivable aging report
  • Cash receipt journal
  • Sales journal.

Contract/order reports

  • Sales order, contract list
  • Contract implementation report
  • Contract plan implementation report
  • Contract subsidiary ledger
  • Transaction list by contract
  • Contract summary report
  • Contract trial balance
  • Cost summary by contact
  • Contract profit & loss report
  • Contract Opening Balance
  • Contract Closing Balance.

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