FA. Fixed Asset Accounting

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“Fixed Asset Accounting” module stores necessary information about fixed assets from acquisition to liquidation, helps you to have a clear view of fixed asset usage and its information at any point of time. With useful functions such as FA value adjustment, depreciation adjustment, depreciation ending, FA transfer…, Fast Accounting software makes fixed asset management easy and accurate. You are enabled to define depreciation of each asset allocated by construction work or detailed cost account, which well supports in work or product costing.

Function menu


Fixed asset information

  • Update fixed asset relating information: original cost, accumulated depreciation, carrying value, capital source, depreciation years/yearly depreciation, users, using purpose, manufacturing country, manufacturing year...
  • 3 fields available for classifying fixed assets by different criteria
  • Define relating default accounts – fixed asset account, depreciation account, expense account - for auto recording depreciation allocation entry.

Fixed asset information screen


Main functions

  • Fixed asset value adjustment
  • Fixed asset depreciation ending
  • Fixed asset decrease declaration
  • Fixed asset transfer
  • Calculate depreciation
  • Adjust monthly depreciation
  • Create FA depreciation allocation entry and post to GL

Counting reports

  • FA detailed report
  • FA detailed report by capital/ by department and capital
  • FA summary report
  • FA summary by asset group and capital/ by department and asset group
  • FA fully depreciated in use report
  • FA using department transfer report
  • FA card
  • FA book
  • FA control book

Increase/decrease reports

  • FA increase/decrease report
  • FA increase/decrease report detailed by capital/ grouped by department/ grouped by department and detailed by capital
  • FA increase/decrease summary report
  • FA increase/decrease summary report by capital

Depreciation and allocation reports

  • FA depreciation report
  • FA depreciation report by department/ capital
  • FA depreciation summary report
  • FA depreciation allocation report
  • FA depreciation allocation report - by department

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