FA. Continuous-Production Costing

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“Continuous-Production Costing” module helps to aggregate and calculate cost of continuous production. You are enabled to select simple or complicated multi-step costing, cost can be directly aggregated or allocated or both with varied allocation criteria – by material, salary, output… Reports support cost structure analyzing in detail. Besides, according to requirement, FAST will make necessary customization to meet the specific requirements of product costing of each business.

Function menu


Main functions

  • Cost factors declaration
  • Accounting department, plant declaration
  • Bill of material declaration
  • Allocation coefficient declaration
  • Conversion coefficient of standard product declaration
  • Input data of project, work, order and manufacturing order
  • Section transfer out implementation
  • Cost aggregation and allocation detailed by material
  • Cost aggregation and allocation by coefficient
  • Product costing
  • Cost adjustment and update
  • Cost transfer to WIP account.


  • Section transfer out sheet
  • Section transfer in sheet
  • Transaction list by product
  • Material transaction list by product
  • Cost summary by product
  • Material cost summary by product
  • Cost of product card
  • Product cost detailed by material
  • Cost of product sheet (3 forms)
  • Cost of product summary by cost factor
  • Bill of material
  • BOM and actual material comparison

Sample of product costing report


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