FA. Invoice Printing & Management

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“Invoice Printing & Management” module satisfies professional process of invoice creating, release, management, printing & secure for enterprises according to Decree 51/2010-N.D/CP, Circular 153/2010/TT-BTC, Circular 13/2011/TT-BTC, Decision 2905/QD-BTC.

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Main functions

  • Make decision to print invoice attached to invoice types being used by the business to print
  • Create invoice form, invoice number, serial number, print form, company information to print with issuing announcement
  • Easy to create invoice form; insert image, logo; change title, signature, and optional information; add business slogan. There are vouchers enclosed to each invoice form: Invoice using decision, Invoice using registration, Invoice issuing announcement…
  • Available invoice types: Export invoice, sales invoice, VAT invoice, Goods issuing cum internal transfer document, Goods issuing for sales agents document…
  • Create invoice issuing announcement enclosed with invoice types decided to be used, detailed information of authorization and invoice management
  • Invoice management: created, not created, printed, copy printed …
  • Keep track of invoice printing and deletion
  • Inform loss, damage, cancellation, deletion of invoice; make invoice using report, invoice detailed statistic; view invoice using situation.
  • Code invoice information; the unique identifying barcode with decoding tool to check in software helps to prevent fraudulent invoice forms such as impersonation, fake invoice printing; enable to print verification (unused) invoice for customer to compare.
  • Integrated with barcode number lookup
  • Create invoice using situation report
  • Export data to tax supporting software of Tax General Department

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