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FB. Solution Overview
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In 2004, FAST released Fast Business – ERP Solution for medium and large size businesses.

In 2005, Fast Business was given Sao Khue Award for Prospect solution by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA).

In 2010, Fast Business won BIT Cup – the best IT software solution voted by PC World Vietnam readers.

In 2012, FAST launched Fast Business Online – ERP Solution based on cloud computing platform.

In 2012 and 2014, Fast Business was given ICT Award by HCMCity ICT Department for the best software solution.

In 2013, Fast Business Online was given Sao Khue Award for the best software by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA)

There are more than 500 businesses nationwide using Fast Business

Main modules of Fast Business

  1. Fast Manager: Dashboard for managers.
  2. Fast Analytics: Online, multi–dimensional processing, analyzing data tool.
  3. Fast Sales – Sales Management: Quotation, orders, delivery, invoicing, sales analysis reports…
  4. Fast CRM – Customer Relationship Management: Customers’ information, customer analysis and transactions…
  5. Fast Purchasing – Purchasing Management: Requisition, demands planning, supplier selection, contract/order, receiving, QC…
  6. Fast Inventory – Inventory Management: Managing by location, lots, units, low-moving items analysis, actual inventory look-up, ordered inventory, and on road inventory…
  7. Fast Financial – Finance and Accounting Management: GL, Cash, AR, AP, Inventory, Fixed Asset, Tools & Supplies, Made-to-stock costing, Made-to-order costing, projects and constructions costing, investor accounting, financial reports, budgeting, tax reports…
  8. Fast Manufacturing – Production Management: MPS, MRP, manufacturing planning, needs of material, capacity planning, shop-floor control...
  9. Fast HRM – Human Resource, Timekeeping and Payroll Management: employees’ information, recruitment, training, performance review, timekeeping, payrolls, Personal Income Tax, Social Insurance, Health Insurance…
  10. Fast DMS - Distribution Management System: Tracking business situation of distributors, agencies and stores in detail...

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