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FB. Solution Overview
Benefits from Fast Business
Essential features of Fast Business
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Benefits from Fast Business

Shortening information distance

  • There are limitations in manual transaction on information by papers, oral transaction or by single tools. Because of multi – step transactions, information can be changed that leads to the inaccuracy of decision – making.
  • Fast Business provides smooth flow of information within enterprises, immediately transfers information to final destinations without intermediaries. Managers, Executives, Accountants… can get not only accurate but multi-dimension information by a mouse “click”. No distance, instantly.

A comprehensive management

  • Fast Business is not separate modules for each departments but a comprehensive integrated solution from input to output. Managers can view reports from all processes and relationship between related input and output.
  • Fast Business provides an overview about debts, finance status, inventory, cash flow… that supports Executive Board in decision–making.

Processing complex requirements

  • Processing complex requirements in management shows on managing production process, calculating products cost with complex BOM, multi-steps..
  • Controlling policies of price, discount, promotion, debts and credit limit.
  • Managing purchasing process from requisition and its approving, quotation collection, suppliers selection, receiving to payment, return to suppliers.

Saving resources

  • Fast Business provides information quickly and accurately leading to make timely solutions and avoid risks from incorrect information.
  • Controlling business processes and saving resources to reduce product cost and unexpected expense.
  • Saving cost from reinvestment in the future for software that meets new requirements.
  • Essential features of Fast Business

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