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Fast Purchasing, which is integrated in ERP Fast Business, allows to automate tasks of entire purchasing–payment cycle: from creation and approval purchasing orders, to requesting and updating quotations, suppliers selection, preparation of domestic and exported orders, tracking supplier deliveries and checking goods quality, the return of purchases to suppliers and closing orders.

Supplier information

  • General information: Name, address, phone, fax number, contact person…
  • Default delivery methods and payment terms
  • Declaration of credit terms and maturity

Purchase requisition processing

  • Purchasing needs management by sales orders, production orders, project…
  • Stock availability checking for requisitioned items
  • Electronic/On-computer approval of PR's
  • Supplier selection for approved purchase requisitions

Quotation handling

  • Maintain quotations of all suppliers and ordered goods.
  • Define price breaks, volume discounts, purchase terms and minimum order quantity
  • View past and present quotations
  • Compare price quotes from different suppliers for one item
  • Supports VAT exclusive or inclusive pricing

Order processing

  • PO can be created in different ways:
  • Direct entry of PO
  • Extract from contract
  • Extract from approved PR
  • Extract from supplier selection/allocation
  • Retrieve item prices and discounts based on quotation or supplier price list
  • Local purchase and import control
  • Calculation of freight, insurance and other charges
  • View past and present POs
  • Option to directly approve PO in PO screen or in another functional screen
  • Allows to send email, SMS of material orders, “on holding” status orders to approver.

Tracking importation

  • Allocation importation charges to each item in the shipment according to quantity, amount, weight or volume
  • Automatic calculation of import tax and other payables
  • Options to calculation of excise tax for imported goods.

Tracking receiving goods

  • Good receiving and quality control.
  • Tracking good receiving in 2 situations: Received by Receipts, Received by Invoices.
  • Declaration quality control on purchased receipts.
  • QC goods by different ways: entire QC, QC in proportion.

Return to supplier control

  • Return to supplier control in different circumstances
  • Return due to QC reject
  • Return before receiving invoices
  • Return after receiving invoices
  • Updating purchasing order status on returning to suppliers


  • Purchase requisition status reports
  • Purchase order status report, PR/PO comparison reports
  • List of quotations and orders
  • List of purchase receipts, QA results
  • Purchase analysis reports


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