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 With Fast Sales, which is integrated in ERP Fast Business Solution, enterprises will get an obvious view of sales process and automation activities of sales and cash collection cycle. This advantage leads to enhancing sales team productivity and customer service, reducing time and expense of order processing. In addition, sales team will focus more on customer analysis and effective sales planning.



Customer information

  • General information about customer: address, phone, fax number, contact person, credit terms and limit…
  • Geographical information: city/province, district, ward…
  • Customer classification by different criteria

Flexible pricing schemes/policies

  • Multiple price schemes per site, item, item group, customer or customer group; Multiple price breaks or discounts based on order quantity; Multi-currency prices; Price effectivity and expiration
  • Different conditions for discount and promotion, by warehouses, products or product group, customers or customer group, employees…
  • Different ways of discounts calculation: percentage of total amount or item amount, promotion gifts…
  • Different ways to set discounts: ladder form, multi–level form (deducted from top to down) and set of product form
  • Priority setting in comparison of different discount programs eligible to customers
  • Declare the way to calculate discount based on original value or reduced from previous discounts
  • Declare detailed discount limitation of each specific discount and promotion program, warning to customers on receipts. Discount limitation can be set to: amount and revenue of goods sold, maximum of orders, amount of discount limitation, total promotion gifts for each program, customer or customer group in detail…
  • Define price list, discount policy, discount limitation, vouchers in different measure units of one item
  • Keep full and detailed results of discount and promotion program for each specific type of discounts and products for tracking, summarizing and analyzing purposes.

Quotation and order processing

  • Manage quotation sent to customers and transfer data to orders for accepted quotation.
  • Manage multiple types of order:
  • Framework contract, blanket order
  • Regular order
  • Immediate invoicing order
  • Price and discounts lookup
  • Partial delivery
  • Stock availability checking
  • Option for automatic/manual allocation of quantity available in different warehouse to fulfill sales orders
  • Automatic puts orders on-hold for customers exceeding credit limit or with past due accounts
  • Releases on-hold orders by authorized users only
  • Freight and other charges
  • Sales of non-inventory items (services…)
  • Internal sales
  • Consignment sales
  • Approval based on order value
  • Inform “on–hold” orders via email or SMS to authorized users

Picking and Shipping

  • Picking control by issuing order and pick list
  • Options to extract issuing order from invoice or sales order
  • Options to extract pick list from issuing order or directly from invoice or sales order
  • Options to extract delivery from invoice or pick list
  • Optional truck assignment facility

Invoice processing and sales return control

  • Invoices can be issued in different ways
  • Immediate invoicing
  • Direct invoice entry
  • Invoice issuing before picking
  • Invoice issuing after picking
  • Options to extract invoice from sales order or pick list
  • Sales return control
  • Options to update order status during sales return entry
  • Credit/debit memo processing for sales returns


  • Order status report
  • Invoice status report
  • Stock issues status report
  • Stock issues, delivery notes and invoices list
  • Delivery plan report
  • Sales summary report
  • Sales return report
  • Sales analysis reports

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