FB. Manufacturing Management - Fast MRP - Material Requirements Planning

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FB. Manufacturing Management
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Fast MRP - Material Requirements Planning
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Fast MRP - Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning supports your enterprise in controlling materials flow to make a reasonable decision in material supply policy. Advantages found in this module are saving purchase expense, store expense and the most importance is solving foreseen shortage in near future. Output information of this module is the answer of the question: “How many and when do you really need to order?”

Accurate calculation of net requirements from supply-demand relationship

  • Demand information based on Sales Forecast, Sales Order, MO
  • Supply ability: inventory on hand, pending purchase order, firmed plan orders
  • Safety stock in demand
  • Calculation based on effective time of demand
  • Projected inventory.

Manufacturing Order

  • Extracted MO from Production Plan
  • Different Order policies
  • Discrete (lot by lot)
  • Fixed order quantity (by lot size)
  • Fixed order time.

In time action messages

  • Cancel MO
  • Change quantity
  • Reschedule
  • Change quantity and reschedule
  • New MO advice
  • Due date past due
  • Release date past due.

Working calendar maintenance

  • Easy to define non-working days
  • Support Lunar calendar: Tet Holiday, National Anniversary of Hung King (10th day of 3rd lunar month)
  • Copy non-working days from previous year
  • Auto-define non-working days for entire year.

Other special features

  • Control dependence of demands on working calendar
  • Options to planning mode:
  • Regenerate
  • Net change
  • Fixed result of requirement calculation (firmed plan order)
  • Conversion of production plan to manufacturing order
  • Output material requirement by planning data.


  • Summary Material Requirement Planning report
  • Detailed Material Requirement Planning report.


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