FB. Manufacturing Management - Fast SFC- Shop Floor Control

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FB. Manufacturing Management
Fast MPS - Master Production Scheduling
Fast MRP - Material Requirements Planning
Fast CRP - Capacity Requirement Planning
Fast SFC- Shop Floor Control
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Fast SFC- Shop Floor Control


Shop Floor Control supports your enterprise in controlling status of manufacturing in detail, accurate evaluation of Work in Progress expense in production line, summarizing shop activities to complete technical norms in the future.

Routing Definition

  • Detailed operations declared by: work order, work center, machine center and operation
  • Define time of setup, run, queue and machine clean up…
  • Define material quantity used and capacity
  • Define parallel or sequential operations
  • Options to automatically process special operations.
  • Define QC inspection request on one operation
  • Manufacturing lead time definition
  • Define detailed process with outsourcing.

Manufacturing order management

  • Manufacturing order can be created by different ways:
  • Direct creating
  • Extract from Sale Order
  • Extract from Production Plan
  • Manufacturing lead time calculation
  • Different MO: planning, manufacturing, finished and closed.

Shop floor order issuing

  • Issuing by lots smaller than manufacturing order
  • Outsourcing by work orders.

Shop floor Activity Transactions

  • Setup time
  • WIP process time
  • QC time and rework quantity
  • Transfer to next operation transaction
  • Break time in shifts, breakdown time
  • Other information: hygiene, physical and chemical inspection
  • Support in recording by codes.


  • Manufacturing diagram
  • Material and resources report by finished product
  • Material and resources report by manufacturing order
  • Material and resources report by receipt of finished goods
  • Manufacturing order status report by operations
  • Shortage of material report
  • Semi-finished product expense report by norm cost method.

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