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Fast HRM is one of important modules integrated in ERP Fast Business, which supports effective solutions in managing human resources in your business such as: recruitment, training and development, assessment… This module provides multi–dimensional information about your employees: personal information, education, skills, experience and others.

Fast HRM supports in timekeeping, payroll,  computing social insurance and personal income tax not only clearly but timely and accurately. Fast HRM is allowed to read data from different timekeeping devices.

Fast HRM has following functions:

  • Personal Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Training Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Timekeeping Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Personal Income Tax Management

Personal Management

  • Presents organization structure as a tree hierarchy with “drill-down” feature, which allows to check information in detail
  • Manages employee’ different information: personal information, education, skills, experience, awards, discipline, labor contract, tools and labor safety clothing…
  • Manages current work status of employee: probation, working, long-term leave, labor contract terminate…
  • Manages tools issues to employees
  • Provides comprehensive report system useful for human resource analyzing and planning
  • Connects to Timecard, Payroll closely to update data of timekeeping, salary, benefits and Personal Income Tax.
  • Provides smart searching and looking-up features.

HRM.Main Funtions

HRM Recruiment3

Recruitment Management

  • Manages information about recruitment, applications, results and interviews in detail
  • Updates recruitment demands from departments detailed in each position.
  • Allows for quick input of applicants’ information followed up with these detailed information: education, certificates, skills, experience, health and others
  • Allows to make interviews schedules for each specific position.
  • Automatically updates applicants’ resume status after each test/interview round
  • Allows to send automatic email to applicants about recruitment schedule and others.
  • Stores full and detailed information of fail applicants that is not only useful for next recruitment but reduces costs of recruitment
  • Provides different statistic, analysis recruitment reports.
  • Automatically transfers the entire information of the successful candidates into fresh official staff section.



Training Management

  • Manages in details organizing training courses for employees, from planning stage to execution, and the training results of every (group of) participant(s). 
  • Keeps an eye on skills and profession training demands from departments.
  • Tracks in details information about the courses: training contents, forms, place, lecturers, costs and course’ status
  • Provides fully and in a time statistical reports that analyzes training status, training demands.
  • All the information on training processes and its results shall be transferred automatically to be continuously tracked and managed in Personal Information Module. 

Performance Management

  • Manages in details the process of employee performance review by every KPI of the job. 
  • Allows inputting factors evaluating job completion by every single employee
  • Allows tracking separately the self-evaluated results of employee and managing levels.
  • Reflects fully and timely employees’ opinions when performing evaluation.
  • Summary and detailed reports of employees’ work evaluation status.

Timekeeping Management

  • Manages in details working hours and the off- hour. 
  • Inputs flexibly the holidays and weekly non-working days.
  • Admins shifting details, working time, tracking time-in and time-out.
  • Define shifting, overtime registration 
  • Manages employee’s off- work hour by reasons. 
  • Leave registration and approve via SMS
  • Attendance data is extracted from attendance machine or manually input
  • Allows additional updates, adjustment of attendance data,.
  • Calculates attendance automatically, accurately and in time.
  • Allows employees’ authorized working time adjustments.
  • Automatically transfers working hours data into payroll module.
  • Late - in, early - out reports, reports that analyze and summarize staff working time.

Payroll Management

  • Manages in details employees’ salary, rewards, insurance and Personal Income Tax 
  • Allows to define flexible salary period.
  • Options to choose salary currency for each employee 
  • Applies different minimum salary amounts by area when calculating salary.
  • Different choices of salary handling, by salary coefficient, fixed salary or commission-based salary.
  • Options to calculate salary on a working time basis or not.
  • Applies different salary coefficients and levels upon effective date. 
  • Inputs manhour, products unit price upon effective date.
  • Inputs product quantity by individuals or by departments
  • Distributes department’s product salary to each employee by some coefficients.
  • Tracks detailed information on allowance, and rewards or punishments.
  • Tracks detailed information on salary advances
  • Periodically evaluates, classifies employee’ performance
  • Calculates salary, insurance, union member fee in accordance with current laws and regulations
  • Calculates salary by departments, working time, types of allowance, products.
  • Summary and detailed payroll reports.

Insurance Management

  • Manages the whole process of employees’ involvement in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.
  • Manages employees’ information about labor contract and related appendix’s.
  • Tracks employees’ benefits: maternity, sick leaves…
  • Reports about social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in required forms.

Personal Income Tax Management

  • Manages all information related to employees’ Personal Income Tax
  • Declares full information about taxpayers, family allowances and dependents 
  • Determines taxable income, Income tax exemptions and others fully and legally.
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports about Personal Income Tax in required forms.
HRM.Personal Incom Tax

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