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Salesforce and internal activities management
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Salesforce and internal activities management

General information screen – easy to start working

  • News feed – a venue: public news, photos, files… The functions of like/comments about news, sports and cultural events… create convenience in using and interesting to look back.
  • Quick view case chart, jobs and shared events.

Job – Event management

  • Update and track individual jobs/events by work calendar to assign jobs for junior staff or share with team members. Share information about jobs/events with one member or th whole team.
  • Work calendar can be created from multiple sources: assignment, sharing, arising from account management process, creating contact/contract, tracking opportunities, case… User can customize all information at work calendar.
  • Work calendar will be detailed by management level, job status with the aim of managing all activities in the most effective way.
  • Easy to create jobs/events by double-click to specific date or holding left mouse through selected dates on calendar.
  • Allow to view jobs/events by multiple ways: by month, by week, by date or by table.
  • Allow to view jobs/events on “Employee activities report”.

Chat – Easy way to work

  • Users can start conversation quickly by function of chat integrated in Fast CRM.
  • Chat bases on specific group to ensure contact information.
  • Allow to message, chat with specific user or group of users.
  • Allow to message offline and inform when user logs in.

Information sharing – flexible tool for managers

  • Share information within team/group: when creating and sharing information within team/group, all team members can get the information;
  • Share account information: allow to share information about account with junior staff by manager or with other employees by owner. Allow to set up policy of sharing related information such as contact person, contract, sales quote, opportunities, cases;
  • Allow to create policies of sharing potential, contact, opportunities, cases, campaign.

Security, access permission

  • Team/group management structure: declare permitted users, managers to create upcoming management structure.
  • Access permission: function of authorization to each specific operation: create/edit/delete/print.
  • Authorization by group of users and access restriction used in case of complex authorization policy.
  • Limit access IP of user or group of users.
  • System rights and policies of information sharing support business to secure business information effectively, provide full information to right person, right job.

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