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Fast Financial, which is integrated in ERP Fast Business solution, takes core position of recording, processing and providing information of finance and accounting from financial report, accounting books, receivable liability, payable liability to product cost calculation, asset and tools management, tax report…

Fast Financial provides enterprises the overview about finance status, supports in analyzing accounting data, financial planning, makes timely and reasonable decisions and enhances business efficiency.

Fast Financial has following modules:

1. General Ledger

2. Cash Accounting

3. Accounts Receivable

4. Accounts Payable

5. Inventory Accounting

6. Fixed Asset

7. Tools & Supplies

8. Product Costing

9. Project/Construction Accounting

10. Investor Accounting

11. User–defined fields reports

12. Expense

13. Tax report.

General Ledger takes position as center of receiving data from the rest modules, thereby creating financial reports: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow report… This module allows user to create their own reports with required formula and conducts management reports comparing periods and units also.

Cash Accounting supports in managing cash receive and disbursement closely, exactly and clearly. Friendly interface and smart features will support user in tracking customers’ receivable accounts, payment to vendor, loans transactions and more.

Accounts Receivable supports in tracking debts by customers, invoices and contracts, orders, conducting summary and detailed reports to manage debts and collection easily and effectively. Users can see the overview about debts, past due account receivable, overdue receivable and previous ones, thereby enhancing timely and full collection and payment terms suitable to company and customers. That overview supports company in cash flow planning.

Accounts Payable supports in tracking debts by suppliers, invoices, contracts and orders, conducting general and detailed report to manage debts and payment to vendors easily and effectively. Users can see the overview of debts, past due account receivable, overdue debts and previous ones, thereby making payment plan timely and suitable payment terms for company and customers. This overview supports company in cash flow planning.

Inventory Accounting provides information of all inventory, tracks receiving, issuing and transfer activities, calculates inventory cost based on these following methods: monthly average, daily average, first in first out (FIFO). Diversity of summary and detailed reports supports users in getting necessary information.

Fixed Asset supports in recording required information about assets from acquisition to liquidation: original cost, depreciation, remaining value, capital sources, depreciation year, departments used/aim of using… This modules allows to calculate depreciation by different methods suitable for enterprises requirement. There are 3 groups of report: statistical report, depreciation report and fixed asset increase/decrease report.
Tools & Supplies Management records required information about tools from purchase time to breakdown notification, liquidation, making statistical report, increasing/decreasing and expense allocation.

Product Costing supports to gather, process and record information about cost of products with multiple types of production: continuous production, by orders, by 1 stage or multistage of production, allocation method by business requirement (by norms, by consumption rate of material, salary…) With open design, this module can be modified easily in satisfaction of business specific requirements.

Project/Construction Accounting provides report of cost from construction beginning to completion. This module supports in detailed tracking by projects, construction, cost incurred during the reporting period, accumulation, profit and loss statement of project/construction…

Investor Accounting supports in accounting, managing by investor requirement of project management or enterprises with investment in capital construction. This module allows to organize project in categories, work items to gather related costs supporting for financial reports, accounting book suitable with investor accounting regulation.

User–defined fields report allows users in tracking the arising related to specific managed items based on business unique. This module supports in different types of report, providing essential information about managed items.

Expense Management provides analysis reports about income, cost incurred in period, compares reports by period, departments, budget planning and actual budget comparison.

Tax Report supports in gathering invoices, purchase and sales vouchers from other modules in order to create lists, monthly Value Added Tax declaration and reports related to Corporate Income Tax. Data can be exported to Excel or HTML files, then imported to tax software of General Department of Taxation.



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