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Fast Analytics, which is integrated in ERP Fast Business solution, is a multi–dimensional data analysis tool.

Fast Analytics contains Pivot Table and Pivot Chart.

Fast Analytics supports in pivoting data fields of purchasing, sales, inventory, finance and shows in charts (cylinder, circle and straight line)
Accounting, purchasing and sales, inventory data are converted to multi-dimensional database convenient for data pivot. This data conversion can be processed periodically or whenever you want.

Following pivot table, data can be analyzed by other operations: slicing – data are sliced to specific set and viewed from different viewpoints; drill-down – data are navigated through the details or roll-up – data are consolidated to summary.

Data pivot table, drill-down, roll-up and filter can be processed by simple operations such as: drag and drop or select and mark in sorted lists
Because data has been converted to convenient form for “pivot” operation, the data processing speed is very fast. Data view types are also very diverse to satisfy users’ requirements.

For example: If there has a commercial enterprise with 3 branches located in 3 regions, it’ll be easy to find out answers for the following questions in business data analysis during one working-week by Fast Analytics:

  • Revenue of item A in each region?
  • Which item is the best – selling at each store?
  • At each store, which day is the busiest day?
  • Which day has lowest sales?


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