Fast CRM - Customer Relationship Management

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Fast CRM - Customer Relationship Management
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 Fast CRM - a web-based customer relationship management software - is a comprehensive management solution that supports enterprises to communicate and build relationship with customer systematically and effectively.

Through updating and recording customer information with smart searching and inquiry system, your business can analyze and build long-time and potential account list supporting in making reasonable market development analysis and customer service policies.

Essential features:

  • Manage sales activities: market research and development, sales, customer service, after-sales service;
  • Manage marketing activities;
  • Manage internal information and salesforce: work calendar, job assignment and event tracking system, salesforce management and information sharing;
  • Business activities will be recorded in details by updated information of item, detail history of editing, updating time and by whom;
  • Effective information sharing system
  • Functions embedded in each other support in recording information within program, enhancing work efficiency, showing detailed contact/opportunities and reflecting case/event/job/…
  • Friendly and convenient design, easy to handle;
  • Import and export information from spreadsheet;
  • Advanced technology and high security.

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