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Fast CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Account and sales management
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Account and sales management

Potential account management

  • Support in managing information of potential accounts. Despite of uncertain information about potential account, the lack of this control tool leads to lost business opportunities.
  • Potential accounts come from multiple sources such as employees, account’s reference, seminar, marketing campaign. This is the sales lead and source of potential accounts can be converted to real customers of company. All information will be gathered and follow-up carefully to create real opportunities.
  • Integrate private messages for each potential account and allow to post news, photos, files, comments… related to this one.
  • Provide related jobs/events to follow-up carefully corresponding potential.
  • Apply system security and sharing policy to avoid unexpected information leakage.
  • Reports:
  • Potential account list by source
  • Potential account list by status.

Account information management

  • Support in not only managing basic information of account such as: contact address, email, phone number, business sectors, account classification, business sizes… but also controlling new contacts/opportunities with current accounts.
  • Track cases in detail or to-do jobs/events related to account.
  • Integrate function to update private news for each specific account, post news, photos, files… related to specific account only. User can like/update comments.
  • Manage information of multi-level account, account classification.
  • Apply system security and sharing policy for account information and extended functions (contact/opportunities/jobs/events) and eliminate information leakage.
  • User can view “Account list report”.

Contact management

  • Update detailed information about contact person of account: full name, position, department, company, gender, date of birth, office phone number, cellphone, email…
  • Record opportunities/cases when working with contact person.
  • Tracking related jobs/events in details to make work calendar.
  • Apply system security and sharing policy for contact information and extended functions (opportunities/case/jobs/events) and eliminate information leakage.
  • Provide a different view of contacts by contact person report.

Opportunity management

  • Update opportunities by campaign, source, stage, value…
  • Reflect expected opportunities from both new and old accounts;
  • Manage on-handling opportunities, sales opportunities with potential accounts;
  • Control success rate of opportunities and value by stage;
  • Integrate functions: sales quote/jobs/events
  • Apply system security and sharing policy for opportunities and integrated functions;
  • These reports provide more information and concise view:
  • Opportunity sales by stage
  • Opportunity sales by source
  • Opportunity sales by campaign
  • Opportunity sales by time


Contract management

  • Update detailed information of contract: contract number, account code, effective date of payment, value, salesman…
  • Declare contract status: Preparing, To-Approve, Signed.
  • Authorize to view/edit/delete in details or user can be authorized corresponding rights in case of being shared.
  • Integrate jobs/events related to contract to make individual work calendar.
  • Statistics report by account, salesman… in details.


Order management

  • Update details of order: order number, contract, account, status…
  • After being authorized or shared, user can view/edit/delete corresponding rights.
  • Provide utilities to attach downloaded files during data entry.
  • Order report .


Case management

  • Manage cases/questions of account about products.
  • Manage account information by source, type, reason, level…
  • Case report.


Campaign management

  • Campaign is defined as advertisement, product introduction programs with the aim of finding account, potential account through conferences, exhibitions…
  • Update campaign information, budget, expenses, expected income in details.

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