Fast DMS - Distribution Management System

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Management of order status by location and real time

  • Salesman works online, located by GPS using 3G Tech.
  • Orders to be handled at point of sales
  • Boosts sales revenue
  • Updates competitors’ information.

Management of instant debt exactly by time

  • Updates relating information on inventory status, debt balance of each point of sales through tablet right on time sales occurred .
  • Inform inventory at the point of sales.
  • Inform in details payments status.
  • Manages debt balance, supports agencies in placing orders, auditing and report reviewing.

Management of promotion, discount and sales process

  • Manages, tracks promotional products to make sure they are delivered to the right market and to right customers.
  • Supports salesman with executing and following selling/sale process.

Tracking business situation of distributors, agencies and stores in detail

  • Updates images, showrooms, signboards of distributors on time
  • Manages the coverage of market effectively
  • Supports business efficiency up to 20%
  • Evaluates the coverage of market and product lines.

Management sales route

  • The sales supervisors can know locations, route and activities of visiting sale points of all salespersons
  • Evaluates the real time and productivity of each salesperson.

The consistent (the same) data between company and distributors and points of sales


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