FF. 5 reasons to choose Fast Financial

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1. Solution suitable for medium and large businesses

Most of current software on the market are for medium and small-sized businesses or very big solutions of foreign suppliers. Fast Financial is one of the few solutions designed for medium and large-sized businesses with capacity of handling high volume of transactions, allows units in different areas to access via the Internet to centralized database, authorizes security in case of lots of visitors and access via the Internet.

2. Support in decision-making

Fast Financial supplies reports in quick data queries and summary reports with multi-dimensional data analysis. In addition, Fast Financial provides OLAP tool supporting users to exploit data as their purpose easily. This information will support your business in making decision for not only daily business management but analyzing result and planning for upcoming time.

3. Working everywhere, everytime via the Internet

This is one of the greatest benefits of Fast Financial, that enables user to work, access database of company via the Internet including mobile phone connected with 3G

4. Easy to upgrate to ERP solution without changing supplier

If your company need a comprehensive management solution (ERP) and implementation to different departments, it will be easy to update to Fast Business (ERP) and Fast Business Online (ERP online) without changing supplier.

5. Strong brand
FAST is a company specialized in developing and application consulting solutions and software supporting businesses with over 18 years of experience. FAST’s products and services have been using by for more than 12.500 customers nationwide (more than 700 customers are using Fast Financial). FAST was given the prestigious awards such as BIT Cup voted by users, Sao Khue Award by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA), IT Award by Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP),…

FAST has 03 offices located in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang with more than 350 staff.

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