FF. System management

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System management module integrated in Fast Financial contains functions to manage users, data, master files and set up system parameters and utilities.

List management

  • Currency list
  • Foreign currency exchange rate list
  • Unit list
  • Department list
  • Voucher list.

Parameter declaration
Fast Financial provides different selections for bookkeeping forms, calculation methods of inventory and book rate of denominated foreign currency items, -user-defined blank fields of specific requirements management… with the aim of meeting specific requirements of business.

  • Fiscal year start date
  • Start date of inputting data
  • Optional parameters
  • Voucher numbering system
  • Data-entry screen.

User management
Fast Financial allows to secure by password and authorizes access to menu and operation in details (read/edit/delete/create) for each specific user. In addition, Fast Financial authorizes and limits access by group of users with the aim of decreasing time and tasks for manager. Access authorization by unit code for each user or group of users is applied to enhance data security within units.

User management contains these following functions:

  • Declare user and access authorization
  • Declare group of users and access authorization
  • Access restriction for voucher
  • Access restriction for status of voucher
  • Access restriction for other choices of voucher
  • Access authorization by unit
  • User history
  • Access authorization by function report.

Data management
With the aim to secure data and avoid data confusing, Fast Financial provides tools to record data manual or automatically by declaration schedule supporting to lock data by voucher, unit… Fast Financial provides functions to maintain and check data in case of inaccurate reporting. If data comes from different sources, this module allows to copy and consolidate data at management center.

Data management contains these following functions:

  • Backup data
  • Automatic record data
  • Lock data
  • Lock data by unit
  • Lock data by voucher
  • Copy output data
  • Copy input data
  • Inaccurate vouchers
  • Check payables/receivables by invoice
  • Maintain and check data
  • Check inaccurate report data
  • Upgrade function.

FF50. Options

FF50. Backup Auto

Fast Financial provides utilities to declare user interface friendly and easily, supports in data conversion from import data as well as read vouchers from Excel files…

Module utilities:

  • Declare group of reporting items
  • Search by code and name for lookup screen
  • Add/cut voucher fields
  • Add/cut fields of category screen
  • Add/cut fields of lookup screen
  • Add/cut fields of list
  • Add report
  • Declare screen size of report and list
  • Declare size of lookup screen
  • Declare size of input data screen
  • Declare inventory calculation method
  • Declare book rate calculation method
  • Declare depreciation calculation method
  • Declare functions of startup with program
  • Function management
  • Voucher print-out management
  • Get data from Excel files for list, balance
  • Get data from Excel files for voucher
  • View, edit and delete occurred vouchers
  • Query data
  • Declare workstation parameters
  • Declare field name of database
  • Compose email
  • Set up shortcut for voucher printing, report.

FF50. Loking date


  • Options for Vietnamese/English interface or Vietnamese/Japanese interface
  • Manual
  • Accounting terms
  • Financial, accounting and tax regulation documents
  • Internal accounting regulations and instructions
  • Introduction.

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