FF. Cash Accounting Module

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Cash accounting integrated in Fast Financial supports in tight, accurate and clear receipt and disbursement management. Friendly interface and strong functions allow user to track customer receivables, payment for suppliers and other loans. This module allows to track different interest rates by time and maturity of a loan. 

List management

  • Bank account
  • Contract
  • Group of contract

Opening balance

  • Contract opening balance
  • Carry forward contract balance to next year
  • Opening balance of FIFO foreign currency voucher in detail
  • Carry forward FIFO foreign currency voucher to next year

Voucher entry

  • Bank credit advice
  • Bank debit advice
  • Cash receipt
  • Cash disbursement
FF50.cash disbiursement

Receipt management

  • Tract receipt by customer, invoice in details. In case there is difference between receipt currency and invoice currency, this module allows to convert to invoice currency and account for exchange rate difference of payment and invoicing.
  • Allow to collect money of invoices per one receipt, of customers per one receipt.
  • Allow to get advance payment of customers before allocating to invoice.
  • Track misc. account receivables
  • Allow to print receipt voucher on available template or from software directly.

Payment management

  • Track payment of each supplier and invoice in detail. In case there is difference between payment currency and invoice currency, this module allows to convert to invoice currency and account for exchange rate difference of payment and invoicing.
  • Allow payment of invoices per one receipt, of objects per one receipt.
  • Allow advance payment for supplier before allocating to invoice.
  • Track misc. payables
  • Supply utilities to track entry Value Added Tax invoices for direct payment of expense.
  • Allow to print payment voucher, bank notes on available template or directly from software

Loan management

  • Allow to track loans in details. Each loan contains multiple interest rates of different periods and maturity.
  • Loan, interest rates, maturity status reports

Foreign currency management

  • Track multiple currencies.
  • Allow manage and account for real exchange rate and book rate. Automatically calculate book rate, allow user to modify in case of odd number. Apply multiple methods to calculate book rate automatically: specific , moving average, monthly average, FIFO.
  • Allow cross payment of two different foreign currencies.
  • Calculate and update closing book rate.

Cash report

  • Cash book
  • Cash book by day
  • Account cash book
  • Customer debt record
  • Account daily balance
  • Sub-account balance
  • Cash in bank and on hand balance
  • Monthly average book rate table
  • Voucher list with monthly average book rate
  • Demontration table with monthly average book rate

Loan contract report

  • Loan contract list
  • Transaction summary by loan contract
  • Loan contract balance
  • Loan contract opening balance
  • Loan contract closing balance
  • Interest rate sheet in detail by loan contract
  • Loan contract status report in detail
  • Loan contract status summary report
  • Loan maturity date tracking report
  • Interest rate table of excess loan contract
  • Integration with other modules
  • Link invoice and payment data to sales and receivable modules, purchase and payable modules
  • Automatically transfer accounting data to ledger or through General Ledger.
  • Integration with e-Banking system
  • Fast Financial allows to directly connect with e-Banking system to deal with transactions and reports from bank returns
  • Reconciliation between bank data and Fast Financial.


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