FF. General Ledger

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General Ledger integrated in Fast Financial, plays a vital role for receiving data from other modules. This module allows user to key in general journal vouchers, journal entries, final transfers, periodic entries and adjusting entries. General Ledger supports in bookkeeping and lookup data of the whole system.

List management

  • Account list
  • Allow to define account system by flexible rules
  • Allow to change account code

Update opening balance

  • Input account opening balance

Voucher entry

  • Voucher entry: Journal voucher
  • Voucher update time
  • Allow to update one debit to many credits or one credit to many debits in a voucher
  • Auto voucher numbering function (user can edit)
  • Automatic warning of duplicating number of voucher
  • Keep track of data posting and entry
  • Control debit by credit during voucher entry
  • Options to cancel previous transactions:
  • Negative voucher
  • Voucher reversal
  • Copy entries of periodical transactions

Closing data processing

  • Allocation transaction
  • Closing transaction
  • Exchange rate transaction
  • Periodical allocation journal entry
  • Batch posting to ledger for transactions with “Release later” status

Financial statements (separate and consolidated)

  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement: Profit and Loss
  • Cash flow statement (direct and indirect method)
  • Interpretation of financial statement
  • Multi-period financial statement
  • Financial statement by company/department in details

General journal books

  • General journal
  • Cash receipt journal
  • Cash disbursement journal
  • Sale journal
  • Purchase journal
  • Account ledger
  • Accounts ledger

Ledger activity

  • Account activity
  • Cash book
  • Cash at bank
  • Loan book
  • Sales book

Payment book with buyer/seller

  • Payment book with buyer/seller by foreign currency
  • Stock card, material book
  • Material summary statement in detail
  • Stock movement statement
  • Fixed asset card, book
  • Tool card, book
  • Product cost card


  • Transaction list
  • Transaction list by customer, job, sub-account and reference account
  • Account summary by customer, job, sub-account and reference account
  • Closing balance
  • Sub-account balance sheet
  • Account ledger
  • Accounts ledger
  • Accounts T-form summary
  • Transaction list by items
  • Transaction summary list by items
  • Opening balance summary by item
  • Closing balance summary by item


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