FF. Inventory Management

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Inventory accounting in Fast Financial supports to track shipping and receiving, product rotation, manage products in details by location, lot, shelf-life and calculation units. Inventory cost can be calculated by popular methods. Detailed and summary reports provide to bookkeepers management information.

Item list management

  • Declare the width of item code up to 16 characters
  • Classify items by type, tool and supply, goods, WIP product, finished goods
  • Allow user to classify items by different management requirements (3 different classification criteria maximum)
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Manage item by lots and shelf-life
  • Declare rules of ordering, quantity and time of delivery
  • Items ranking bases on annual usage by ABC criteria
  • Allow to combine codes with “UOM” included

Stock and location

  • No limit in number of stocks and locations
  • Track goods on consignment

Stock opening balance

  • Input stock opening balance
  • FIFO stock opening balance
  • Recalculate instant stock quantity
  • Transfer stock to next year

Stock receiving and issuing management

  • Receiving from purchasing, sales return , production, stock transfer in and misc. receiving
  • Issuing from return to supplier, sales, production, stock transfer and misc. issuing
  • Allow to get data from “Material requisition”
  • Options to stock transfer in 01 step or 02 step.

Inventory costting

  • Monthly average and daily moving average
  • Calculate average cost by foreign currency code different from based currency
  • Options to calculate one cost for all stocks or or specfic cost for each stock
  • Automatically apply discrepancy of issuing cost in average costing method to the last issuing voucher or create a new issuing
  • Allow to create discrepancy of issuing cost even for items with discrepancy but no issuing
  • Transfer within stocks
  • FIFO cost
  • Calculate FIFO cost by date and by month

Receiving report

  • Receipt list
  • Receipt list of an item
  • Receipt list grouping by supplier
  • Receipt list grouping by job
  • Receipt list grouping by reason
  • Receipt list grouping by product
  • Stock transfer list
  • Receipt list in excel form
  • Received goods summary
  • Received goods summary by unit of measure
  • Received goods value report by supplier

Issuing report

  • Issue list
  • Issue list of an item
  • Issue list grouping by customer
  • Issue list grouping by reason
  • Stock transfer list
  • Issued goods summary
  • Issued goods summary by unit
  • Issued goods value report by customer
  • Inventory report
  • Stock card/Material book
  • Stock card/Material book for items
  • Inventory of an item.

Inventory report

  • Inventory report by stock
  • Inventory report by receipt (FIFO)
  • Opening inventory report
  • Stock summary
  • Stock summary by site
  • Stock summary by location
  • Stock summary by item-lot
  • Stock summary by lot-item
  • Inventory report by time
  • Inventory item alert
  • Due-to-expire stock report
  • Out-of-date stock report
  • Monthly average cost sheet

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