FF. Sales and Accounts Receivable Module

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Sales and Accounts Receivable module in Fast Financial supports in managing sales invoices (products, services), sales return and offset unapplied transactions. This module conducts reports of sales turnover by product, customer, salesperson/sales department and receivables by customer, invoice, contract… The function of tracking AR and reporting in details supports user in managing receivable of customer easily and enhancing timely collection.

Customer information management

  • Category/List
  • Customer
  • Group of customers
  • No limit in number of customers
  • Record important information of customer: tax code, address, phone number, fax number, contact person, credit terms, credit limit, AR…
  • Allow customer classification by multiple criteria: regions, business types, business sizes…
  • Supply information about current customer statement status
  • Track temporarily on-hold customers

Information management by contract

  • Category/list
  • Contract list
  • Group of contracts
  • Contract payment terms
  • No limit in number of contracts
  • Allow to declare information of contract in details: start date and end date, value, payment periods…
  • Allow contract classification by multiple criteria: maturity, value…

Order and Invoice management

  • Order and contract entry
  • Connect order, invoice and issuing voucher
  • Track payment maturity of invoice
  • Stop duplicating invoice number
  • Directly print invoices from program or on available template.

AR management

  • Allow to track and manage all transactions with these following input screens:
  • Sales invoice
  • Service invoice
  • Sales return
  • Service return
  • Sales price adjustment invoice
  • Credit/debit memo
  • AR-AP Interface
  • Misc. Receivable transaction
FF50. sales invoice

Diverse and flexible AR management

  • Manage AR by invoice
  • Manage AR by contract
  • Manage AR by maturity
  • Allow AR clearing between two customers or suppliers
  • Adjust AR by debit/credit entries
  • Allow to allocate product price for invoices in case of difference between invoice and payment currency.
  • Allow to adjust AR for each invoice, customer (s) in details.
  • Allow to re-evaluate value of unpaid foreign currency invoice by closing exchange rate
  • Batch settlement for invoices

Collection management

  • Cash receipt is entered in cash accounting module
  • Receiving allocation for sales invoices can be done in cash accounting module or sales and AR module
  • Receiving of sales invoices can be allocated directly to each invoice or automatically by criteria: invoice date or and maturity
  • Allow to allocate deposits or receiving as payment

Sales report

  • Sales invoice list
  • Sales, service invoice list
  • Invoice list by item
  • Invoice list by customer
  • Invoice list of a customer by item
  • Sales report by customer, contract, salesperson, code
  • Sales report by two criteria
  • Sales report by item
  • Sales summary report by price
  • Sales return invoice list
  • Profitability report by item
  • Sales analysis by time

Order report

  • Order list
  • Order implementation report
  • Net sales order implementation report
  • Sales order status report

AR by customer report

  • Customer activity
  • Customer AR/AP comparision book
  • Customers AR/AP comparision book
  • Customer AR/AP confirmation sheet
  • Voucher list
  • Voucher list by customer, job, sub-account and corresponding account
  • Trial balance by customer, job, sub-account and corresponding account

AR report by invoice

  • AR list by invoice
  • Receipt transaction list by invoice
  • Receipt transaction list by invoice with exchange rate difference

AR report by contract

  • Voucher list by contract
  • Contract activity
  • AR summary by contract
  • Contract closing balance summary
  • Payment progress report of contract
  • Calculate difference exchange rate related to payment by foreign currency

Integrate with other modules

  • Get customer receivable data from cash accounting module
  • Integrate with Inventory module
  • Automatically transfer accounting data to ledger or General Ledger
  • Customer /supplier master file

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