FF. Insvestment Accounting

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Investment Accounting module is used in companies having investment in capital construction.

In case company has project management unit (PMU) with separated accounting activities, this module is used for the PMU in accounting and management.

Fast Financial allows setting up lists of projects, work, work details in order to aggregate relating expenses for reporting purpose including financial reports, accounting books according to official regulations of accounting system towards investors.

Investment list

  • Project, work, work detail list;
  • Project, work, work detail group list;
  • Norm list (costs of building, equipment…).

Data entry

  • Project/job opening balance (by account);
  • Input project/job accumulative amount (by account);
  • Input forecast amount;
  • Input project/job planning amount;
  • Other data relating to project/job in other modules.

Investment accounting book

  • Investment source detail journal;
  • Construction expenses journal;
  • Other expenses journal;
  • PMU expenses journal.


  • Balance sheet;
  • Interpretation of financial statement;
  • Investment source;
  • Detail of Investment source;
  • Investment implementation by project, work, work detail;
  • Investment liquidation by project, work, work detail;
  • Investment implementation;
  • Other expenses report;
  • PMU expenses report.

Integration with other modules

  • Investment Accounting module inherits data from other ones.

Fast Financial, investment accounting


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