FF. Tax Reports Module

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Data relating to input, output VAT are entered in cash, sales and account receivable, purchase and accounts payable modules... and aggregated for reporting in this module.

Besides, Fast Financial allows user to separately enter input, output VAT.

Data entry and processing

  • Defines tax authority, input/output tax rate
  • Declares input tax properties
  • Enters input/output VAT invoices
  • Enters many VAT invoice enclosing one accounting voucher (disbursement, advance payment, purchase receipt)
  • Goods value and input VAT amount are entered in negative numbers in input VAT invoice listing and sales turnover and payable VAT amount are entered in negative numbers in output VAT invoice listing
  • Gathers one-time customers into a customer code. The system does not require entering tax code if customers has no tax code.
  • For construction works located in a city/province different from one where tax declaration is submitted, output VAT is divided into 2 parts
  • Tracks and reports detail by tax authority for company paying tax in many tax authorities.
  • Allows users to declare the formula to calculate value of each article in VAT declaration sheet.
  • Auto-calculates all articles for the first time of VAT declaration and allows exporting to XML file to connect to tax software of General Department of Tax.
  • Allows to directly extract data in VAT reports, company income tax reports to tax software of General Department of Tax to print by bar-code.

VAT reports

  • Input VAT invoice sheet
  • Output VAT invoice sheet
  • VAT declaration sheet
  • Ledger of return VAT account
  • Ledger of deduction VAT account

Corporation income tax reports

  • Provisional corporation income tax return
  • Corporation income tax balance-sheet
  • Appendix of income statement
  • Goods, services purchased without invoice sheet

Besides report forms stipulated by the Ministry of Finance, Fast Financial also supports in printing some different forms in filter condition for convenience in lookup and comparison

Fast Financial, Tax module


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