FF. Product Overview

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Fast Financial – Management Accounting software for medium and large size businesses - which is honourably given “Sao Khuê 2010” by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) and “IT CUP 2009” by Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP).


  • System Management
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Managmenent
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Product Costing
  • Project/Construction Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Tools & Supply Management
  • Investor Accounting
  • Tax Reports
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Financial & Manangement Reports
  • Web-based Reports

Suitable to financial, accounting and tax policy

  • Fast Financial has been updated with amendments following the latest regulations of Ministry of Finance
  • Support users in outputting Value Added Tax, Corporation Income Tax and Financial Statement to tax declaration software of General Department of Taxation to print barcode.

Unit database management

  • Allow to 02 working models: centralized database at head office or decentralized database at each unit.
  • Centralized model: Remote units can access and work via the Internet with fast processing speed and ensure to work quickly via the Internet.
  • Decentralized model: Copy input/output data from units to head office periodically.

System security

  • Access by username and password.
  • Allow to authorize for each user or group of users.
  • Allow access restriction to each menu, window, field, operation.
  • Allow to set up invisible, read-only, read-write fields.
  • Authorize to each processing operation: view, new, edit, delete, print, approve.
  • Authorize to view, new, edit, delete for each specific user.
  • Authorize to view, new, edit, delete by each base unit code for user in details.

Category management

  • Allow user to arrange, adjust input information, display and lookup information. Allow to lookup category in different ways while inputting.
  • Manage status of each item: Active/Inactive.
  • Supply tool to change, combine code of all data.
  • Provides preventive fields to users: self-declaration to manage additional information according to specific requirements.
  • Allow to divide items into groups in different ways to support in analyzing data. Allow to drag and drop while grouping easily.
  • Export to Excel files by a shortcut.

Transaction and voucher management

  • Display transaction process on screen
  • Manage status of each transaction, voucher:
  • Create
  • Transfer to general accounting
  • Transfer to ledger.
  • Allow to define, add/delete different transaction codes by requirement.
  • Allow to define voucher numbering method, allow/not allow duplicating number of voucher.
  • Automatically update overbalance, instant inventory…
  • Check instant inventory, credit limit…to allow/prevent transactions.
  • Allow to declare add/delete preventive fields as list form, number field, date field or note field at master information or detailed information of vouchers. Allows user-defined positions, formats, name of these blank fields.
  • Integrate utilities to lookup data while updating voucher.
  • Allow to read data from Excel files.
  • Allow to directly copy and paste within Excel files and program.
  • Rearrange trim lines in voucher by simple operations..
  • Track transaction mark: Created/edit/deleted date, created/edit/deleted by.


  • Data report of consecutive years.
  • Reports comparing multi – period or the same period of different years data (Comparing reports (within one year or over different years).
  • Utilities to view/print report.
  • Display data report in chart form.
  • Quick report in user-defined format.
  •  Export reports to Microsoft Excel, Word, text or XML.
  • Allows users to add/delete filter conditions, define formula in some reports.
  • Drill – down function allows users to check detailed list of vouchers from general reports, trace back to original vouchers on inputting screen and edit vouchers with authorization.
  • Quick report technique allows to print information and user-defined width of fields in report.

Multi-dimentional data analytics tool – Fast Analytics

  • Analyze data in simple multi – dimentional method by using drag – drop function.
  • Fast processing speed, immediately after changing the way of viewing
  • Display data in tables, charts format
  • Useful for summarizing analysis of previous activities and planning for the upcoming time

Multi-currency and dual currency management

  • Option for accounting currency: VND or foreign currency by regulation
  • Update transaction and conduct report in any currency.
  • Allow to select methods of book rate calculation: Monthly average, Moving average, FIFO, Specific.
  • Select input data mode of exchanging to accounting currency or parallel currency (to exchange and present dual currencies while inputing data)

Language of interface and report

  • Fast Financial is available in Vietnamese - English or Vietnamese – Japanese interfaces.

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