FK. Inventory Accounting Module

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Inventory management module controls receiving, issuing and stock transfer notes, calculate and update inventory cost. Summary and detail reports on goods received and issued by item, job... are also available in this module.

Item list

  • Unlimited item records. Up to 16 character item code length
  • Classify item by 3 different fields; blank fields available for users for specific control purposes. 
  • Define relating default accounts (inventory account, cost of goods sold account, sales revenue account...) for auto accounting receiving, issuing vouchers.


  • Receipt
  • Issue
  • Stock transfer.

Receiving reports 

  • Receipt transaction list
  • Receipt transaction list of an item/ by supplier/ by job/ by item/ by trans. type…
  • Summary report on goods received
  • Receiving report by two criteria 

Issuing reports

  • Issue transaction list
  • Issue transaction list of an item/ by supplier/ by job/ by item/ by trans. type
  • Summary report on goods issued
  • Issuing report by two criteria

Inventory reports

  • Stock card
  • Inventory ledger
  • Stock summary
  • Stock report

Sample screen on Issue voucher

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