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[Download Fast HRM software license price]

Fast HRM is a web-based human resource management solution integrated following modules:




 System Management


 Employee information management


 Recruitment management


 Training Management


 Employee Evaluation management


 Tool & Supplies allocation


Time card




 Personal Income Tax calculation


 Social, Health, unemployment Insurance



 Software license price: 9.000USD

(With effective from 1st April 2015 and can be changed upon company policies)


  • Price listed above is for reference only.
  • Price listed above is for license of standard software with 01 database and 01 base unit without customization and consulting, deployment services. Price of specific customization, survey, consulting, installation and training will be calculated separately and quoted for specific customers.
  • Price for specific customers is based on simplicity or complexity of requirement by industry, management, customization and data converting, travel and residence fees for remote destinations… and quoted after requirement survey. FAST supplies discount policies for former customers of updating higher version.

For more information about Fast HRM, please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by FAST offices with contact information here or online via the Internet here for more consulting.

Fast Software Company.

[Download Fast HRM software license price]



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